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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the bullshit remark of the week goes to...

Donald Oorst AKA Duck Monster, Fight Dem Back co founder from Western Australia.


Donald Oorst from WA

"Note, we never had a naked black woman on the front of our website" BULLSHIT.

He is talking about this particular You Tube video (below)concerning FDB. You will note the screen shot of the FDB web site. Yes that is a black transvestite. It is that gross that we can not show it in full detail.

It was used when Donald Oorst and Mat Henderson black mailed a White Nationalist from Perth. Real funny stuff using a pic of a Black male with breasts to remind a WN from Western Australia that they had compromising pictures of him. Black male/ Black Mailed real funny. If you click on the picture on the site it will take you to another story on FDB concerning Sudanese in Australia. Fancy that.

Here is the link that proves Mat Henderson allowed this type of porn on his site. Warning 18+ only. It is common knowledge that FDB was taken down for over two days because of this incident. Further proof of the deviate nature of these Left Wing Jews can be found at .

Warning and I can not stress that enough, this link will take you to Brian Stokes web site. Sadly he has openly posted naked pictures of a 12 year old White girl. All in the name of art OK. I am sorry folks I do not provide this link with out my own real concerns of encouraging anyone to view it. Sadly we must back up every thing we say, even if it means posting links that we all find totally unacceptable as White Folk.

Please note IF you click on the above link you do at your own peril. Brian Stokes along with Donald Oorst and Mat Henderson are all founding members of Fight Dem Back, Australia's one and only Anti Racist Anti Fa site. They are also very sick individuals.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Donald the Liar.

Donald please keep linking us. Lets see what your new friends think about having a bragging liar on their forum.

Donald Oorst aka Duck Monster said.

"And neither of them ever did take up Matts offer to solve differences via a boxing match. For a lawyer, matts got balls of steel imho"

Now for the truth.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mathew Henderson Hau said,

"Err ...ok, these retards can't seem to read without looking for subtext and subterfuge. No deals, and I am not trying to set up a 'meeting' with anyone in particular. The story is this, pure and simple. Over the last month a number of neo-Nazi toolbags have been sending me threatening SMS's and making threatening (and downright bizarre though non-threatening) phone calls. I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, the Aussie neo-Nazi universe is a varied plethora of nutjobs. It could be anyone. A number of these phone calls ended when I requested of the person anonymously ringing me to name a date and time and I will meet them in person to discuss whatever problems they have. These anonymous people usually hung up when pressed. So...I've decided to put out a date and time where I will be (tentatively next Thursday night at 10pm at Revesby Workers) where ANY of these idiots who have been ringing me can say what they want to say to my face in safe secure environment. Of course, if Pete and Jim want to come along, fine."

Looks like Mathew is about to stage his own death. Unreal. Yet another FDB stunt that has backfired. Can anyone take these clowns serious? We apologise for the childish nature of the last few topics here we shall try and remedy this as soon as possible. If you wish to watch what the next step is please feel free to visit FDB.

But hey if you are a WN and feel like catching up with Mathew and most probably a SBS film crew drop us a line and tell us how it goes.
I guess our QLD man isn’t gunna get that call after all.

I see no specific challenges. Maybe we missed something? But here is what happens when a specific challenge is given to Henderson. No bullshit here. Just the truth.

Monday, August 28, 2006
The curious case of the disappearing Darp

Today, on this 27th day of August in the year of our Lord 2006, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp proved conclusively what the White Nationalists have always known, he is all mouth and trousers, a barber’s cat (all piss and wind) and a big girl’s blouse After bragging for weeks that he would turn the Sydney Forum into a “circus” the lead clown failed to show. Not only did he fail to show but even when INVITED he failed to appear. Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly. After waiting with great anticipation for the filthy shower of Red scum that is FDB to arrive at the Tempe venue, one of the guests, a certain Jim from Queensland, called Henderson on his mobile phone around lunchtime enquiring as to when the gathered throng might bear witness to the legendary, Trans Tasman, metallic gonads of Darp (to be precise he was asked when he would roll into town on his steel balls) and was informed abruptly “We’ll be there at Four!”

When Four o’clock came and went with still nary a sign of the recalcitrant Darp, Jim called him again and a most humorous conversation unfolded with Henderson totally on the back foot and with no decent comebacks at all, so, so very much different my friends from his confident, wisecracking online persona. Jim put him on the spot with many incisive and pertinent questions. Did he require CRC lubricant to smooth the action of his depilated testicles? Did he require the Sydney Forum guests to pass the hat around and raise the cab fare to Tempe? Why would he not grab this golden opportunity to lecture the crowd with his thoughts on the boundless benefits of Multiculturalism? Why the sudden shyness? Oh, they (FDB) had employed a “different approach” this year. Yes, they certainly HAD said Jim, they hadn’t shown up at all! No need, said Darp, they obtained everything they needed on Friday night! Precisely how this related to his total non appearance at the Sydney Forum was not explained.

The gutless little worm twisted this way and that, initially feigning ignorance about who he was talking to, where he might be and the significance of the event, then turning to threats regarding devastatingly useful intelligence apparently gleaned from “skulking about Chippendale on Friday night”. Is “skulking” to be taken as a Darpist euphemism for “stalking”, “spying” or other illegal activities? He then refused to converse any longer but left the line open for several minutes after stating “Just keep talking”, probably just to soak up Jim’s phone credit.

But strangely, about half an hour later he phoned again, possibly after squirming with the humiliation of being revealed as an invertebrate coward, informing the White Nationalists that he could be found with his friends at a Fitzroy Street Marrickville address. This was swiftly followed by a text message confirming the details. Despite the obvious misgivings that this was almost certainly a trap of some design, five Whitelaw Towers staff members, including two members of the Queensland bureau, were immediately despatched to confront Henderson and his motley crew of misfits.

Upon arriving at the address they were confronted by a very low rent facility, replete with low rent crowd, in an industrial area. It was basically an old warehouse or factory premises being used as a Punk Rock venue. Jim and one other entered the premises in search of Darp while the other three waited outside ready for a quick ‘dust off’ operation and possible retreat in the face of overwhelming enemy forces. They need not have been concerned. Darp was nowhere to be seen and the sixty to seventy patrons were nothing more than a bunch of skinny teenage Punks out for a good day of music, booze and drugs.

Strangely, Jim and his mate felt right at home within the venue as it was, according to them, a one hundred percent WHITE crowd with many attractive females. In fact it was the first place they had been to during their Sydney stay that was NOT Multicultural! Ironic really, considering the claimed purpose of the gig was as some sort of benefit or support show for a fallen Anti-Racist activist! The American accent of the singer was as exotic and “enriching” as it got. Despite his rabble rousing comments between songs about “Neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” being just down the road at the Sydney Forum and how they must be “smashed”, the kids were just there to dress up in their raggedy clothes, check each other out, bang their heads to loud music and get shit faced. Two of the Whitelaw boys commented that the music was cool and they’d have liked to have stayed for the gig, the Five Dollar door charge was certainly more than reasonable, but after a brief photo opportunity at the front door the five lads went back to Tempe.

Proof that your average “Punk” or “Anarchist” would simply not know what to do when confronted with a real White Nationalist, in their face and on their doorstep, was obtained when a couple of the lads, dressed in WN regalia, and at point blank range, taunted about a dozen or so standing around the entrance. They quite simply just didn’t know where to look and the expressions on their faces ranged from absolute bewilderment to abject terror. Please get me outta here. Tragically funny and the lads actually felt genuinely sorry for these young “Punks” who talk so tough yet look like frightened girls when faced with reality.

So what of Darp, gentle reader? Well, he obviously thought this stunt a jolly jape and a useful diversion from his good self. He has since utterly refused to answer his phone or hung up immediately he realises he is talking to a White Nationalist again. But DID he do this as mere wild goose chase or did he really think that the Whitelaw staff members would get stomped by an army of angry Anarchist Punks? Hmmm…


Monday, August 28, 2006
Darp was totally OWNED!

NO doubt about it folks.

The insipid little Middle Class brat certainly copped a nasty spanking (politically speaking that is) on Sunday afternoon.

Obviously unable to muster his regular praetorian guard of CFMEU and MUA Unionist thugs to form a protective phalanx to escort him through Tempe to the Sydney Forum, Darp decided outright retreat was the better part of valour. Were the Police also no longer interested in providing a taxpayer funded auxiliary security squad for yet another of his time wasting stunts? Were his bum chums in the Media, including the grotesque little troll Joe Hildebrand of the Daily Telegraph, no longer willing to ride shotgun on a Darpist escapade whilst chronicling their hero’s “mighty achievements” for the daily chip wrappers?

One wonders if, even as you view this humble post gentle reader, yet another Kevlar (Hrrmph*#@BULLSHIT!%*@$*) punching bag is being torn apart by Darp’s bare hands (Best watch out for them Kevlar fibres son, they’re every bit as nasty as Fibreglass...pffthbwahahahahhaha!...erm sorry...) to sate his Maori berserker rage (Oh, pur leeze!) at his humiliation by the White Nationalists. But what a feather duster this little Red Rooster’s turned out to be. Oh the rage, oh the fury, oh the fuckin’ BULLSHIT!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hee! Hee! Hee!

PER iceless!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Darp's Steel Balls go dry and rust...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum, everyone’s favourite “used Band Aid in the bottle of Grange Hermitage”…take it away Daaaaarppp!!!

Darp Hau
Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia.
Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:56 am

"Sigh seems that working two jobs and taking on 32 credit points doesn't stop old darpie from being everywhere at once."

Working TWO jobs! Bwahahahahahahaha!!! You tosser.

Let me just state this up front.

Sydney Forum weekend. I am working on Saturday and on Sunday I will be playing in the intervarsity law schools Rugby Tournament.

So this leaves you free on FRIDAY night, eh? Good. See you there. Or perhaps not? You are, after all, a gutless mongrel piece of subhuman excrement. MAMZER BOY!

I have informed the federal police of my whereabouts throughout the weekend and forwarded on a number of recent threats I have received.

You fuckin’ LYING piece of piss ant perverted FILTH. What the FUCK would the Federal Police want to know about YOUR whereabouts? They certainly weren’t interested in the explosive device you and your sick FDB Red Anarchists organized a while back on the Gold Coast and a few other ‘events’ we will not go into here. Understand, you Red Maggot, we have SHITLOADS of incriminating material on you DARPY BOY.

I will not be fucking around this year.

DARPY BOY, that’s ALL you do.

Anyone who oversteps the line will cop the full force of the law (should they be so fucking stupid as to break it).

Oh, and YOU will be organizing that will you? So like Weezil you have your own cadre of hired guns do you? You filthy SUBURBAN TERRORIST (your words, not ours) YOU are the one who oversteps the law CONTINUOUSLY.

Of course I am expecting the usual childish phone calls from grown men with nothing better to do with their time.

Insofar as 'interrupting' the forum is concerned. I have no plans, FDB has no plans - we'll have people going along to the forum (as per usual)

Best advise them NOT to Darp, if they’re to avoid any possible…erm…unpleasant experiences.

and listening to all the various fash fuckwits spilling their guts about their miserable little lives.

Oh, you mean like YOUR miserable little phoney life?

Always good intel value.

Oh, and here’s a tip DARPY BOY. Give up the Law School crap, you sad, pathetic little wanker. You will NEVER be a practicing lawyer in this country. Believe it Darpy boy. Take it to the bank. Your past will ALWAYS haunt you and there’ll always be plenty of White Nationalists around to REMIND those who don’t know you or those with a short memory about your crimes against White Humanity.

White Nationalism never sleeps and it never forgets

Need we go any further?

Liar fucking liar!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters' Forum:

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
Joined: 14 May 2005
Posts: 2160
Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:26 am Post subject:

“I think miller beat the charges on that. Which was shocking, because it was self evident to most observers that the charges where correct. Good lawyers win cases.

Check via the front page whats (sic) in there, and your (sic) welcome to hit the search button at the top and search him.

The more in depth info FDB has, we simply cant go giving out for operational security reasons, and because some of it isnt (sic) directly verifiable yet. FDB has an information vetting process where we require a certain degree of verification of facts first before releasing it to make sure we get the facts right. Finally we have a policy of not giving geographical information out that could lead to vigilante stuff. Unlike Nic or Ben Weerheym, we do not 'call for hits' and prefer to stick within the law.

Now disclaimer aside, if theres (sic) anything you want to know, just post and we'll see if we can answer.”

The tragic buffoon Donald Oorst’s illiteracy is matched only by his hypocrisy and proclivity to lie through his fuckin’ teeth. The motley crew of criminal sociopaths known as FDB have repeatedly performed feats of blundering destruction on innocent people’s lives that a bull in a china shop would be hard pressed to match.

With unequalled brute force and ignorance they have persisted in going ahead with personal smear campaigns on their political adversaries on the flimsiest of ‘evidence’ and when, more often than not, their claims have been proven baseless they utterly refuse to retract or apologise.
The Frank White and Jim Perren cases are the most notorious, (See the archives of the 'Victor Whitelaw' Blog for the full stories on these and other political atrocities committed by FDB) the true facts refuting their claims having long been available to FDB, although others too have been ruthlessly attacked by these gutless FDB cowards.

As far as not passing along details that might physically endanger their targets. BULLSHIT! We have evidence, real, hard evidence that they have and continue to do precisely this BEHIND the scenes. FDB just don’t openly ADMIT they do this. And trying to bluff everyone by implying they are holding back lots of information. Well, dear Donny duckmonster must truly believe everyone is as wretchedly stupid as he is.

Donald Oorst. In need of medication and a history lesson.

Funny stuff. We will just post this for now and pick it to bits later. Donald Oorst makes Owen Jones look good. Source.

Above FDB Webmaster (head wanker) Donald Oorst.

"The guy in that thread isn't an SA reader, I presume he just stumbled across it on one of his regular 'stalk anti racist activists' outings. Theres two guys that run the site, Jim Peren, who I *personally* believe, but cant prove, was behind shotgun wielding threats against sudanese refugees in toowomba a while back, and a guy who goes by the handle "Kromlek" (Whos real name evades me atm) who used to run the white pride coalition.

Both are mad as cut snakes and the fact that Jims semi-regular death threats against fight-dem-backs sydney rep havent landed his rear end in prison is a testament to NSW police incompetence. Of course our sydney rep Matt is a fully accredited lawyer so at some point of time I suspect matts going to decide he's had enough and take Jims house off him in a defamation suit (These nuts have made some incredibly crazy and VERY defamatory claims) or something. I dunno.

The sort of threats these guys have made would last 15 minutes before the Tactical Response Group kicked their door in, if they where based in WA.

And neither of them ever did take up Matts offer to solve differences via a boxing match. For a lawyer, matts got balls of steel imho"

Donald Oorst talks it up BIG

If lying were an Olympic sport then Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst would be a shoe in for a Gold medal and equally if bullshit were music he would be a brass band. It has come to the attention of Whitelaw Towers’ staff that Oorst has been peddling his peculiar spin on Australian so-called ‘racism’ at an American Online Political Site known as “The Something Awful Forums”.

As is the case with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, Oorst’s voluminous verbosity is matched only by his woeful incompetence with the English language in written form. If there is one thing these freaks can do with great efficiency it is to churn out lies like a sausage machine.

We beg the gentle and faithful reader to be patient as we present, over the coming days (weeks?) some of the more mendacious, outrageously hypocritical, pompous and preposterous claims.

The process of trawling through the mess is made all the more difficult and tedious by the appalling grammar, spelling, chaotic notation and often utterly irrelevant and fictitious ‘references’. How this creature ever graduated from University with a Degree in anything more prestigious than lavatory cleaning is beyond this writer.

By necessity then, for your amusement as well as elucidation, the following will be merely an extract or two from his doggerel. The remainder will be presented in episodic form of a size more easily digested. Good luck, vomit bags on standby…

duck monster
Dec 15, 2004 (Join Date?)

“I'd really like to read your research dude.”

This is Oorst clumsily attempting to appear ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ to his unsuspecting American audience. As in ‘Dude, where’s my brain?’.

“I did my thesis (perhaps that should be spelt faeces?) on the Far right nativist movement in Australia, which I might add is very diferent, (sic) and have a rough idea how the US scene was looking about a decade ago. It definately (sic) seems to have had a kick since Obama, although like the resurgant (sic) Nativism here (Mostly as a strange surfie-come-flag-waver youth movement, but tied in to the Anti-refugee witchhunts (sic) and 90s Hanson movement) it looks rather hard to define by the old Klansman type stereotypes.”

Oh dear, what a shame Donald. Does this mean you’re going to have to strain the brain somewhat to apply enough spin while dumbing it down for those hated ‘murrikans’?

“What I think might be worth looking at in depth might be the Minutemen type movements. Those should give anyone serious pause if allowed to grow, because there seems to be a strong crossover with the old Klansman nativist networks whilst adopting the old anti 'nigger' rhetoric into the more discourse palatable 'illegal immigrant' (code for mexicans, (sic) they dont (sic) seem too worried about canadians).” (sic)

Yes, well Oorst you absolute fuckwit, for one thing Canadians don’t have a Racist Political element equivalent to the Aztlan Movement from Mexico which is claiming some very large American real estate including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Some fuckin’ ‘researcher; and ‘academic’ who has produced a ‘thesis’ you are, you moron!

“The problem is the old anti-racist tactics dont (sic) work as well with this mob, because the targets (sic) so different. The Minutemen will proudly parade around black guys and jews (sic) (And I'll note the newest 'nativist' movement here , the "Protectionist party", although staffed with old neo-nazi stalwarts from Australia First, have been making a noise about being , apparently, Zionist.) and it makes the more simplistic "Racist" accusation a bit more complex to defeat rhetorically, even though at its core its (sic) still an 'anti wetback' movement.”

The “Racist” accusation always has been “simplistic” and, we might add, lazy and reactionary. This dimwit could not defeat a cockroach ‘rhetorically’ let alone win the intellectual struggle of a Political debate.

“Theres (sic) sort of a constellation of interests around that that(sic) also intersect with Arpaios harassment of mexicans, (sic) calls for the big gently caress-off sized wall along the mexico (sic) border and other such things that seem to have approval from the GOP, starting right from Tancredo's vocal approval of white-nativist (supremacist?) groups like the minutemen, to the Ron Paul factions tango with the neo-nazis prior to the election, Arizona GOP approval of Arpaio and so on.

duck monster fucked around with this message at Jan 13, 2010 around 16:03”

The post wasn’t the only thing ‘duckmonster’ fucked around with. The English language copped a fairly decent hiding also.

duck monster
Dec 15, 2004

“teacup posted:
As an Aussie, I'd really like to see some good, hard essays and writings on the whole hard racist stuff that has been simmering (or worse) for a while in Australia. Got any links, or specific blogs/sites you frequent?

I love this country but hate what it's becoming. Bogan pride and the gently caress off we're full mentality, just the other day I saw a T shirt in a shopping centre saying "In Australia we eat meat, drink beer and speak loving english"(sic) on it. Ugh.”

The best information (Read: DISinformation) source on the net on australias (sic) far right probably used to be the "FightDemBack" website (Disclosure, I'm the webmaster, so I guess I WOULD say that wouldn't I?) , but over the last year some of the steams (sic) gone out of that , and a blog called "slackbastard" has probably been keeping the most scholarly watch on the far right, in between various random stuff on punk and the melbourne (sic) anarchist movement.”

Slackbastard “Scholarly”???!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! A moron recommending the efforts of an idiot.

“Andy the guy who runs it did a pretty good set of annotation to a so-so article in "Madison" magazine on the rise of the far right here.”

Andy couldn’t do a good shit after a curry, let alone analyse or annotate a magazine article. He’s a bigger fool than Oorst, and believe us folks, that’s really saying something.

FDB Faggots talk tuff...again...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Joined: 22 Apr 2006
Posts: 30
Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:16 am
"Just got your SMS dude, glad to hear it's game on again! You know I only get excited about nazi hunting shit when we actually hunt some nazis. bring it THE FUCK on!"

You what?

Bring it THE FUCK on???


You gotta be shittin' us!

Poor little ‘Mensi’ girlie obviously watches WAY too much TelAvision and now actually believes it is a real bad ‘ass’ Negroid Gang Banger Gangsta…

That's hilarious!

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
Joined: 14 May 2005
Posts: 2246
Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:27 pm
“Good to see you back in action Darp. Lets go kick some ass.”

Okay, ignoring for a moment the pathetic spelling, punctuation and grammar of the notoriously illiterate Donald Oorst (why the FUCK would you want to physically assault a defenceless long eared quadruped with your foot?) I’ll say it again. Folks, this waster is SERIOUSLY dumb!

It is quite remarkable how bravely the Red Scum talk on the Internet with the swaggering, strutting, hairy chested nature of their language and the way they act like really, really tough guys yet equally remarkable, strange even, how conspicuous they are by their physical absence from any of their threatened appearances.

How many more times will we be misled with broken promises like “We’ll be there, and in numbers!” or “You’ve brought the fight into our area of expertise, Suburban Terrorism!” or “We’re gunna kick Fascist arse!” or “We’ll smash the fash!” or “Game on!” or “This year you’re finished for good!”…etc?

Who are they trying to convince, us or themselves? Well, we ain’t buying it. They seem to forget we’ve SEEN many of them in person and they are less than impressive to say the least.

Donald Duck Monster the master Terrorist.

Yes folks WhiteLaw Towers staff thought, hey we have just about broke the back of FDB why not have some fun. Our target today will be…The one and only Duck Monster AKA Donald Oorst from Western Australia.

Our dear little Donald thinks himself to be a bit of a Revolutionary. Lets see who is Donald’s Hero? Gee what a surprise! His hero is not only a traitor like our little Donald but also a good Catholic Boy to boot.

Yes readers our Private Schooled Catholic educated punter from Fight Dem Back has a fetish for Terrorism. How you may ask? Donald’s little ditty under his Avatar explains all.
duck monsterRemember,remember, the fifth of November

Now many here are well aware of the last words spoken by Donald’s hero Guy Fawkes. For those of us who are not aware Guy Fawkes and a few of his buddies back in 1605 attempted to carry out the first Terrorist Bombing in recorded history. The cunning plan was to detonate an awful lot of Black Powder under Parliament House in Good Old England. Thus killing the then King James VI and his Protestant supporters. Not nice.

(Those bloody evil Catholics Donald. One must wonder if Dr Mark Copland went to the same school as Ducky Duck Monster? Hey it may have been the same Fascist Nun that abused them?)

Anyway just like FDB they were doomed to fail. It would seem that the conspirators and supporters Trusted The Wrong People, as they Could Not Keep A Secret. They thought God would ensure they would succeed. Talk about blind faith sound familiar Darpy? After Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed (pardon the pun) the other conspirators fled from the inevitable consequences.
(Yep history repeating itself FDB, hey what has happened to Darp and Weezil?). In typical FDB logic the Traitors decided to make a last stand in Staffordshire. Unfortunately the gunpowder they had taken with them for the brave last-stand got wet. So they decided to dry it out in front of a large open fire. Well what do you know, the powder caught light. BOOM! By the time the Sheriff arrived the burnt and beaten traitors had no fight left in them. (A bit of a bastard when you find out that the main weapon to fight the enemy with is Null and Void. Bit like having the media turn its back on ya because you are nothing but dip shits with no jobs no credibility no bloody hope)

What became of Donald’s heroes?? Well they got the Traitors Death. Traitors Death you ask? Yep! First you got hung till near death. Then you had your balls cut off. Once you stopped squirming from that you had a small nick put in your side so they could pull your intestines out. Then they shoved their hand up into the chest and pulled out your heart. This was followed by a good old beheading. Once every one stopped cheering about the slow and agonizing death of a Traitor they cut them into sizeable chunks spreading these bits and pieces all over the country. Crikey, a bit rough by our standards?

So next November the 5th to be exact, help celebrate the death of Traitors and the demise of FDB.